Stimulsoft Reports 2013.2: Creative Approach to Technical Solutions

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Издатель: Stimulsoft

Stimulsoft Reports 2013.2: Creative Approach to Technical Solutions Stimulsoft Company, a leading manufacturer of software for Business Intelligence, has released new versions of their reporting tools. Uniting three products in one, improvements in exports of reports, editable fields in the PDF file, dependent variables - this is an incomplete list of what developers can take advantage of right now. "Three times a year, we release new versions of our software products, says Andrew Savin. Each new version is always a creative approach to the creation of technically complex solutions. There are no words that can convey how hard we work and how much we love our software products. For us, they are like our children. The main thing is that we enjoy the process of development, which is expressed in the line of happy users who are willing to walk with us and help make products even better." Three in one Surely the most important event was the solutions by merging our three reporting tools into one product. Stimulsoft Reports.Web, Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC, and Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile are united on the basis of Stimulsoft Reports.Web. Now, the product has components for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and HTML5. As a result of the empowerment of software products, their areas of use were intersected. As a result, it became difficult for users to choose which of the three reporting tools that would be more appropriate for them. Now, everything is clear. The capability to design reports for the ASP.NET platform is available in a single product, Stimulsoft Reports.Web. Stimulsoft Reports.Web is a component that is used for creating reports in web applications. It is a client-server solution. The server side uses components for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. The client side has several options for viewing and editing reports. It can only use ASP.NET components, or only Flash components, or HTML5 components (applicable on mobile devices). Reports can also be designed for Windows desktop using a standalone report designer. The compatibility of the components with each other allows customers to use them in various combinations. Dependent Variables In Stimulsoft Reports, variables are used as parameters, which may be requested by the user. The developer will be able to link two variables in the report, making one of them dependent on the other. This level of the relation between the variables may not be the one in the report. The number of nesting levels is not limited. Help Is Next Door The integrated help system makes learning and understanding Stimulsoft Reports products more intuitive. Every dialog, tab, and tool in the report designer or viewer has a Help button that provides detailed information about the tool and its features. Changes are not limited to those described above. For more information, please visit the company"s website at