XB Staff and Resource Manager

Пресса: XB Staff Manager

Издатель: XB Software

XB Software, Ltd., an IT outsourcing company with a focus on web development, business analysis and software testing, introduced XB Staff Manager. It is a user-friendly employee and resource management system that allows fast and simple staff management and task tracking. It allows keeping records of all company"s employees in one place as well as tracking projects implementation. It enables fast data search and simple data handling by all users. The system is adapted for tablets (iOS, Android) and touch-screen laptops (Windows OS). It also supports most modern browsers (IE 9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera). XB Staff Manager consists of several components: a staff manager to store all employees personal data (wage rates, skills, birthdays, etc.), a resource manager to add and handle tasks assigned to a company"s employees, a PM helper to add and manage the available projects. There are 4 types of users - Supervisor, HR Manager, Project Manager and Customer - with different access rights. This products is distributed as a SaaS solution that can be adapted and customized to meet the client"s needs. For more information visit http://xbsoftware.com/products/xb-staff-manager/

Source: http://xbsoftware.com/products/xb-staff-manager/